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Warehouse - Magicline Module High Bay - Shenzhen FYT LED Co., Ltd.

A: Low ceiling area

In most of warehouse with ceilings 20 feet or lower, lighting design has been limited to conventional linear fluorescent systems. FYTLED Easy-connect linear fixture is designed for low-bay applications. Easy-connect linear fixture features advanced heat sinking technology with 130lm/W lumen output, which could meet your exact needs. 4ft, 5ft (40W 60W) are ideal replacement on 2pcs fluorescent tubes with 50% energy saving.

B: Medium/high ceiling open space

Installations in high ceilings are often complicated, so a long life solution with good performance and lighting coverage lets you reduce number of light sources needed. Long lifetime saves the cost and disruption caused by replacement.

FYTLED has the best lighting solutions for ceilings ranging from 16 to 60 feet in height:

1. Tomline linear high bay lumen plus series from 60W to 240W with 140~150lm/w light efficiency, which is perfect for achieving longer inter-distances and good lighting uniformity.

2. Skybay round high bay has similar appearance with traditional high bay, but much more fashionable and brighter. It is equivalent to 150W, 250W, 400W, 700W and 1000W HID.

3. MagicSquare high bay gives you the freedom to choose the ideal lens type for your specific requirement. Lens options: 30°, 60°, 90°, 30°x70°, 60°x90°, 65°x135°.

C: Racking

Luminaires with an array of 1 luminaire for each 2 spaces are the best solution for racking.

In these spaces, we recommend our Magicline linear high bay. Our advanced optics will ensure you receive the right light in the right place. There are different optics (30°, 60°, 90°, 30°x70°)available to use, depending of the height and width of the gangway. The Magicline linear high bay uses a Narrow Beam optic that works for spaces of up to 12 meters in height – giving a good lighting level and uniformity along all shelves.