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Open area

Open area

The recommended light is middle and wide angle luminaire with even spread light, no glare, and no flicker.

1. Tomline linear high bay fixture can be a good choice for its linear shape milky cover with very uniform light.

2. Skybay round high bay with modern design would bring a sense of fashion to your shop.

3. MagicSquare high bay

Shelf area

Shelf area

Linear luminaire is the most suitable light for shelf area.

Easy-connect suspended LED linear fixture is an energy-efficient, low maintenance alternative to traditional fluorescent in variety of retail and industrial lower ceiling applications. Available in stand-alone or continuous run versions Easy-connect luminaires are easy to install to save significant labor and equipment expense.

Another option for shelf area is T8 or T5 LED tubes to replace fluorescent tubes.

FYTLED T8 and T5 could reach 130~140lm/w, 50% energy saving.

Shelf area

Meat area

T8 or T5 with Pink light is perfect for meat area. The pink light make meat, vegetable, cake, fruit and other food look fresh and attractive and appetizing.