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LED Panel Light

1. Energy efficiency up to 140 lm/w

2. Luminous flux up to 7200 lm

3. Low Glaring - UGR<19

4. Standard Deviation Color Matching - SDCM<5

5. Very good heat dissipation, ideal for long burn times

6. 3 year or 5 year warranty

Panel light-LED Panel Light

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Our LED Panel lights are available in all regular sizes which makes them ideal for most commercial premises. Thanks to optional frames they can be installed on-or-in most ceiling types. Due to high grade components our panels reach a high efficiency and provide a perfectly homogeneous illumination. All panels are supplied with a driver and are ready to be wired into the mains for a quick and easy installation. The panels are built in a robust frame that provides excellent cooling abilities. The frame is available in silver as well as in powder coded white. Since the coding is done after the frame-assembly the corners are perfectly closed and covered. The design of the frame is suitable for most office and school environments, hallways and corridors. It was designed to minimize glaring and reflections on the work surface, avoiding visual discomfort to meet highest office standards.


-Optional Mean well driver and flicker free driver

-CRI 90 Ra available upon request

-1-10V dimmable and DALI available

-Silver or white powder-coded frames

-Emergency power supplies are available

-Microwave motion sensor available

-Available as CCT Adjustable version (2 types of chips – 3000-6500k)

Upon request available with engraved Light-Guide-Plate (LGP)

-Hanging ropes and mounting frames are available

-Zigbee is available

Area of application

-Office environments

-Worksites for color-checking or quality control

-Cleanrooms and laboratories

-Hallways & corridors


-European market: TUV, CE (EMC, LVD, RoHS), D-Mark

-Australian market: SAA

-USA market: ETL, DLC

Panel light-LED Panel Light
Light Distribution Curve - Led Panel Light


Standard lumen (lm) (100lm/W)
Model Nominal wattages (W) Nominal voltage Rated luminous efficacy (lm/w) Nominal luminous flux (lumen) Beam Angle LED Quantity CRI
P66-36W 36 AC100~277V
100±5 3800±200 lm 120° 120pcs  SMD2835  >80Ra
P66-48W 48 100±5 4860±270 lm 168pcs  SMD2835
P6262-36W 36 100±5 3800±200 lm 120pcs  SMD2835
P123-36W 36 100±5 3800±200 lm 192pcs  SMD2835
P126-60W 60 100±5 6000±270 lm 192pcs  SMD2835
Lumen Plus (lm) (130lm/W-140lm/W)
Model Nominal wattages (W) Nominal voltage Rated luminous efficacy (lm/w) Nominal luminous flux (lumen) Beam Angle LED Quantity CRI
P66-36W 36 AC100~277V
130±5 5200±200 lm 120° 216pcs  SMD2835  >80Ra
P6262-36W 36 130±5 5200±200 lm 216pcs  SMD2835
P126-50W 50 130±5 6500±200 lm 336pcs  SMD2835
P33-35W 35 140±5 4900±175 lm 226pcs  SMD2835
Electrical data Photometrical data
Operating frequency 50-60HZ Available light colors warm white;natural white;daylight white
Type of current AC100-277V Available color temperatures 3000K;4000K;5000K;6000K
Power factor λ >0.9 Color rendering index Ra >80
Efficiency in % 89% Standard deviation of color matching ≤5
Start time (0.2s / 0.5s / … ) 0.5S UGR (Unified Glare Rating) <19, <23
Warm-up time to 60 %  (1.5s / 2s / … ) 0.5S Available beam angles 120°
Standards & Certification Temperatures & operating conditions
Type of protection IP40 Operating temp -20~+40 ℃
Tested dielectric strength 3.75KVac Ambient temperature -20~+50 ℃
Safety features Open circuit protection;
 short circuit protection ;
Storage temperature -40~+80℃
Certificates European market: TUV, CE, D-Mark
Australian market: SAA
Energy efficiency class A+ & A++    
Lifespan Features/Capabilities and additional product data
Rated nominal Lifetime 50,000hours Base/Socket No socket/ directly wired
Switching cycles 100,000 times Dimmable 1-10V dimming
Lumen maintenance at e.o.l. 70%    
Product Weight & Package Information
Model Single Box QTY/CTN Net Weight/pcs(g) Gross Weight /CTN(kg)
P66-36W 595*595*9 6 3.4 23.64
P6262-36W 620*620*9 6 3.9 26.5
P123-36W 1195*295*12 6 3.8 26
P126-60W 1195*295*12 2 7.5 15

Specification -LED Panel Light


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